Upgrade do CentOS 7.6 para 8.0

## Centos 7 => 8 manual upgrade.# No support is given, YMMV, remember backups!# Tested with upcloud and cloudatcost.## Get ready to upgradeyum -y install https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpmyum -y install rpmconf yum-utils# Resolve all config stuff.rpmconf -a# Packages you might not need/require, remove if something doens’t seem to be required.package-cleanup –leavespackage-cleanup –orphans# Install DNF.yum -y install dnf#[…]


Instalação do Docker CE no CentOS 8

OBJETIVOS Preparar o CentOS 8; Instalar o Docker CE; Instalar o Docker Compose; Testes. REQUISITOS Esta implementação requer um servidor GNU/Linux CentOS 8 e selecionada a opção minimal install, o hardware sugerido é: 2 vCPU; 2 GB RAM; 20 GB disco SSD; Rede com acesso a Internet; PROCEDIMENTO A seguir o procedimento para realizar a[…]